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Let's be honest, the photography industry can be quite competitive, but I believe that everyone in the industry offers something unique and different from one another. With the individual shooting and editing styles, as well as client experience and workflow, there are no two photographers that are the same. So why do we treat it like a competition? 

I am a firm believer that people are always learning. I believe that learning helps to influence the way we think and the way we do things. Though there are many of you who have been a photographer for longer than I have, or have maybe worked with more clients than I, we can learn from one another. 

I want to invite you into this space and into my little bubble of the world to create a better community for us in this industry. These resources are for you to use and I hope you benefit from them in some of the ways I have benefitted from learning from others. I am by no means the most qualified or the best person to ever give advice or feedback about some of the following information, but I do believe you may be able to learn something, even if it is merely from looking through another person's lens! 

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what is a styled shoot?

A styled shoot is a meticulously planned photoshoot designed to showcase a particular theme, concept, or aesthetic. Unlike traditional photoshoots that focus solely on capturing moments or products, styled shoots prioritize visual storytelling and creativity. From elaborate wedding setups to themed editorial spreads, every detail, from d├ęcor and attire to lighting and composition, is carefully curated to bring the envisioned concept to life. These shoots often involve collaboration between various vendors such as event planners, florists, makeup artists, and photographers, each contributing their expertise to create a cohesive and visually stunning outcome.

For vendors and photographers, styled shoots provide an opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity in a controlled environment, allowing them to experiment with new ideas and techniques without the pressure of a real event. It serves as a portfolio builder, enabling vendors to attract potential clients. Styled shoots foster networking and collaboration among industry professionals, helping vendors create valuable connections and partnerships that can lead to future collaborations or referrals. These shoots often result in high-quality, visually captivating content that vendors can use for marketing purposes across various platforms, further enhancing their visibility and credibility in the industry. 

benefits of styled shoots

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Styled Shoots

what is a styled shoot?

benefits of styled shoots

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OLD Owen Barn

This is an amazing outdoor spot with a large rustic barn and open fields. Located in Monroe, Washington, the venue allows for portrait sessions or day-long rentals for a wonderful price and the owner is lovely to work with.

Downtown Snohomish

Looking for a more city feel, old downtown Snohomish has a lot of amazing buildings and architecture. In addition to these things, you can also shoot photos by the river. 

Rattlesnake Lake

This is a great outdoor option, as well. Shooting directly next to the lake allows for beautiful photos near the lake and the peak. It's a great outdoor spot in the summer, but careful about your times because peak summer season will have a lot of people using the beach and surrounding natural area.